Lead People through the Power of Story


Photo Credit: nandadevieast via Compfight (Creative Commons)

The Storyteller is one of the most influential people in any society, business, or organization. He is often unacknowledged, but he has the power to sway hearts in a way that no one else can and can reach the recesses of the human heart in a way that will leave mere argument frustrated.

If you want someone to take what you have to say to heart, don’t give a statistic – tell a story.

People are desperate to play even a small part in something bigger than themselves.

Desire to play a part is why, even in difficult financial times, movie studios spend hundreds of millions of dollars creating their product. It’s how companies like Apple turned a grey box into industrial art. It’s how frustrated no-name bloggers turned into influential published authors. A good story is guaranteed to sell no matter what the external circumstances.

Story provokes us to acknowledge what, deep down, we already know:

The world isn’t what it could be.

We aren’t what we could be.

We need something or someone to get there.

Story demands that we discard the status quo to create something new, rather than aimlessly drifting through the way things have always been, and allows us to be fully human – human in the richest sense. 

Stories offer to us what we are searching for.

If you want to influence people in a positive way, build a community, or  show people the value of what you have to offer: learn to tell a good story.

What moves you? Post a comment and let’s have a conservation about the power of story.